Monitoring the progress of an OSE Service – Part 2

In the previous post I showed the consumer use case of going into Cloudforms and requesting a service for deployment, namely a service that deploys OpenShift Enterprise.

The following link is a video that shows how you can monitor the installation. The state machine that deploys OpenShift from Cloudforms will automatically send the consumer emails to the progress of the installation as follows:

  • Email 1 – Verify that the Virtual Machines/Instances deployed in the service are capable of taking OpenShift Enterprise
  • Email 2 – Confirm that the workflow for OpenShift installer has been written and that the install as been spawned.
  • Email 3 – Confirmation to the finished state of the installation, if successful the email contains the links to the various components.

Along with the emails you can also monitor the installation using the tags created by the state machine on the service, these tags will allow you to easily locate the unique log file for the deployment of that service.


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