Cloud Forms 4.0: Inventory Performance Improvements for VMware Providers


Of the many improvements and feature enhancements made to Cloud Forms 4.0, one focus was on performance and scalability. One of the first tasks a Cloud Forms Administrator performs while managing a Hybrid cloud is inventory of the environment. Also known as refresh, this task is essential to managing various environments and provides valuable information on every object within the Cloud Forms VMDB.

Initial Inventory

One measurement stick used to compare CFME 5.5 to CFME 5.4 is the initial inventory of several different statically sized VMware provider environments. The environments Medium, Large and X-Large are sized at 1,000, 3,000 and 10,000 Virtual Machines. The performance boosts provided in CFME 5.5 are especially observed as the scale of the managed environment increases.


There are 49%, 68% and 87% lower timing values for Medium, Large, and X-Large VMware Environments. This amounts to a huge time savings as shown in the graph.


Post-Initial Inventory

Initial inventories are not the only measuring stick we use to compare performance and scalability between releases for provider refresh. Post-Initial inventory represents performing a refresh after we have captured the initial inventory.


Post inventory timings show another respective 27%, 30% and 36% lower timing for Medium, Large and X-Large VMware environments.


In summary, the performance improvements of inventory are another great enhancement to Cloud Forms 4.0.

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