CloudForms 4.2 Beta 1

The CloudForms team is proud to announce the release of CloudForms 4.2 Beta1. Based on the ManageIQ Euwe release, this release contains over 1,300 enhancements and bug fixes and is the result of about 6 months of upstream development.

Some of the notable enhancements include:

  • Container management improvements, including support for viewing container templates, chargeback for container images, and support for custom tags.
  • Many public cloud improvements, such as Google Cloud Platform support for events, metrics, and preemptible VMs; Microsoft Azure support for additional metrics; and a CloudForms image for Amazon EC2, allowing customers to run CloudForms in AWS.
  • Multiple OpenStack improvements for management of cloud tenants, host aggregates, and creating/managing snapshots.
  • A new provider type: storage provider, with support for management of object and block datastores. An implementation for OpenStack Swift and Cinder are the initial providers in this category.
  • A new provider type: middleware provider, allowing for management of Java enterprise middleware deployments. An implementation for the management of JBoss via Hawkular is included.
  • A new provider for VMware vCloud, with support for vApps. This provider is planned to be a tech preview in the final release. Support will be provided to a limited set of initial customers.
  • Centralized administration, allowing actions to be taken from the super region. Previously the super region was a reporting-only region that did not allow you to take actions.
  • Service Management improvements, including chargeback for services, power operations from the Service UI, a notification banner and Cockpit integration.

For more details and a list of all other improvements see the release notes.

We’d like to encourage all of our customers to download the beta from and to try it out. Any issues can be reported by logging a call with Red Hat support.

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