Setting up Red Hat CloudForms with Microsoft Active Directory (Video)

This video highlights the role-based access controls within Red Hat CloudForms and how they can be tied into Microsoft Active Directory, to leverage a company’s existing user and group structure. The goal of the video is to help customers understand how they can integrate CloudForms into their organizational structure with rather minimal setup.

Using this setup, operators can connect existing user and group structures and tie them to CloudForms roles. These roles can be customized and given granular permissions to most elements inside CloudForms.

Users can be granted access from the very top of the organization down to a specific resource (e.g. VM) and anywhere in between. Controls are used to grant users visibility into portions of the UI. For the UI they can see, controls can also be applied as to whether the user can perform the actions or simply view.

At a high level, the following areas are discussed in the video:

  • How to configure the integration with Active Directory/LDAP
  • How to map existing groups and users
  • Walk through role-based access control hierarchy

Additional details on authentication configuration, including LDAP, can be found on the Red Hat CloudForms Documentation.

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