An Analyst Roundup on Red Hat and CloudForms

Over the past year, several analysts looked at Red Hat and its Cloud management Platform (CMP) solution, Red Hat CloudForms, to provide their point of view. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive, finding that Red Hat as a company was positioned for success and recognizing Red Hat CloudForms as a leading product that delivered substantial savings in both cost and efficiency. In this post, we provide a brief round-up of the various analysts’ reports.

Gartner Vendor Ratings

Gartner gave Red Hat an overall “Positive” rating in their 2017 Vendor Rating Report. This was the third year that Red Hat achieved a positive rating and it was based on Gartner’s assessment of Red Hat’s strategy, products and services, technology, marketing, and overall financial viability. Gartner found that Red Hat is well positioned as the most successful open-source software vendor, which should give IT buyers confidence in dealing with Red Hat.

Forrester Wave

Forrester named Red Hat as a leader in two reports looking at private cloud software suites and hybrid cloud management solutions. In “The Forrester Wave™: Private Cloud Software Suites, Q1 2016,” Forrester evaluated Red Hat’s Cloud Infrastructure product, including Red Hat CloudForms and Red Hat OpenStack© Platform. Red Hat was cited as leading the evaluation of software suites with a powerful portal and top governance capabilities. The report evaluated cloud software providers along 40 criteria, with Red Hat receiving top marks life-cycle automation, administrative portal usability and experience, permissions, compliance tracking, and capacity monitoring; all attributes tied closely to the functionality provided by Red Hat CloudForms.

In “The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions, Q1 2016,” vendors were assessed based on their current offerings, market presence, and strategy along 32 different criteria. Red Hat CloudForms was placed as a leader in this report as well, citing it as being among the “top choices for developer and DevOps teams concerned mainly with building applications that run across multiple clouds, with a strong preference for public cloud platforms.”

These reports demonstrate the industry leading capabilities provided by Red Hat CloudForms, and when combined with a private cloud or public cloud infrastructure, provides the flexibility and control required for digital transformation projects.

Forrester Total Economic Impact

Red Hat commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study for Red Hat CloudForms. The study examined one company’s IT operations in detail, both prior to and after deploying Red Hat CloudForms. Based on the results, Forrester computed that Red Hat CloudForms delivered almost 80% improvement in efficiency by unifying their service management functions. Forrester also found that the company realized a 97% Return on Investment and a 6.8 month payback period. While limited to only one company’s results, the Forrester TEI study provides a sample of the type of results that organizations can experience with Red Hat CloudForms and it lays out a blueprint for organizations to compute their own TEI results.

IDC Business Value

Red Hat also commissioned IDC to study the business impact of Red Hat CloudForms. In their report, IDC found that the time required to process IT service requests dropped by 89% and the staff time required to fulfill those requests dropped by 92%. This meant that development groups could deliver almost twice as many applications to market (93% more on average), resulting in an average $3.85 million per year in additional revenue. The bottom line on the study showed that organizations could see a ROI of 436% and a payback period of 8 months.


This round-up of analyst publications covering Red Hat and Red Hat CloudForms demonstrates the company’s strong position in providing strong open source solutions such as Red Hat CloudForms in the industry. These reports show that Red Hat CloudForms can provide greater efficiency, more flexible agile infrastructure and even potential top-line revenue growth. The quick payback period and dramatic ROI figures show that Red Hat CloudForms is a smart investment for any IT organization looking to move forward with digital transformation.

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