CloudForms 4.7 announcement

CloudForms 4.7 is ready to be deployed on your systems, you can find more information in the Press Release and you can download the packages from the official Red Hat site

It provides the following key enhancements:

  • Improved Ansible Tower Integration: support for Workflows as a Catalog Item, support for Organization Structure.
  • Updates for managing OpenStack platforms: Storage refresh improvement, OverCloud Dashboard, Private Key Download.
  • Additional management capabilities for Red Hat Virtualization: Refresh performance improvements, Dynamic Sysprep support.
  • User Experience Enhancement: Multi-appliance configuration sharing, global region reporting tenants with the same name.
  • Lenovo Xclarity update: Inventory of racks, blades, chassis and switches, topology updates better handling of status, out-of-the-box dashboard.
  • New Provider: Redfish compliant standard hardware can be discovered and inventoried. Detailed views and relationships. Power operations and topology views. Tech preview
  • New provider for Nuage, which gives the ability to manage its networking services from CloudForms


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