An Analyst Roundup on Red Hat and CloudForms

Over the past year, several analysts looked at Red Hat and its Cloud management Platform (CMP) solution, Red Hat CloudForms, to provide their point of view. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive, finding that Red Hat as a company was positioned for success and recognizing Red Hat CloudForms as a leading product that delivered substantial savings in both cost and efficiency. In this post, we provide a brief round-up of the various analysts’ reports.

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The Business Value of Red Hat CloudForms

When talking to IT leaders about Red Hat CloudForms, we often point out the time and cost savings that CloudForms can have on their organization. While we have several customer success stories that highlight the various benefits of CloudForms to each organization, we wanted a more formal study of the business value that CloudForms could bring to an organization. To that end, Red Hat commissioned a study, conducted by IDC, to look at the business value of CloudForms. This blog post will highlight some of their findings, with IDC’s complete report available for review.

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GUEST BLOG: Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study of Red Hat CloudForms

The Red Hat Management portfolio has seen significant upgrades, including the latest release of Red Hat CloudForms 4.1, and has delivered efficiency and costs savings to worldwide customers. This is confirmed by analysts research and testimonials from customers like Cox Automotive, who saved almost 10 years of time and almost $5 million in soft savings. Moreover, because CloudForms supports a wide variety of platforms, including three of the largest public clouds – Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, CloudForms is well-suited for enterprises seeking to manage various stages of virtualization and cloud deployments, as well as containers. The following blog, written by Forrester Consulting, provides an example of the economic impact CloudForms could have on your business.

Author’s note: The following blog details a recent Total Economic Impact (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting centered around Red Hat CloudForms. The results of that study can be viewed here.

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CloudForms 4.1 is here!

Today we are proud to announce that the latest version of CloudForms is available. This release takes several steps further down the road towards managing hybrid IT. We’ve added new cloud platform providers, software defined networking (SDN) management and made it all easier to automate IT processes by integrating Ansible Tower playbook execution. In short, you will find this release greatly expands the breadth of CloudForms while making it easier than ever to set up and automate your IT operations.

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