CloudForms 4.7 – What’s new with Ansible?

Ansible continues to grow and is the strategic automation engine for Red Hat’s business. Having a solid and constantly improving integration with Ansible is key for CloudForms’ future success.


Ansible Tower Workflows are widely used in by the industry to orchestrate and govern interactions between different playbooks. CloudForms has been able to run Ansible Tower Jobs since its 4.1 release. Starting with CloudForms 4.7, we will expand this support and will be able to utilize Workflows from the Service Catalog.

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Walkthrough : Customizing VM Post Post Provisioning Task

Red Hat Cloudforms provides several ways to customize virtual machine provisioning,  the out-of-the-box VM Provisioning State Machine has multiple steps through which VM provisioning request crawl, among them one of the step is PostProvison, this step is used to perform post-provisioning activities on the provisioned virtual system.  In this article, I will explain how to customize PostProvison method using an example of ‘add an additional disk to the VM’ use case.

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CloudForms at Summit – Everything you need to know

Download this Summit Quick Reference Guide for CloudForms for a complete list of CloudForms sessions and labs at Red Hat Summit 2019.

A few highlights:

Hybrid cloud management strategies and best practices
Learn how Red Hat’s hybrid cloud management strategy is evolving to address customer needs. Hear how traditional management products, such as Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat CloudForms are being connected with Red Hat Ansible Tower and new SaaS solutions to provide customers with comprehensive and flexible hybrid cloud management options.

Hybrid cloud cost management challenges, opportunities, and best practices
In this session, we’ll talk about tools and best practices to discover, report, and analyze the cost and consumption of public and private cloud resources today and lay the groundwork for automated optimization of resource consumption and application priorities.

Word Wide Technology (WWT) bare metal provisioning solution
Learn how to control bare metal resources by leveraging Redfish in Ansible playbooks.

LAB: Private cloud lab with OpenStack, Ansible, and CloudForms
Get some hands-on experience with a private cloud based on Red Hat OpenStack, Ansible Tower and CloudForms.

And a lot of our Product Managers and Engineers will be in attendance.  Stop by the demo station for “Hybrid Cloud Management” in the Red Hat booth, or reach out to your sales rep to schedule a meeting in the Customer Briefing Center.

Hope to see you in Boston!

Red Hat Summit is almost there

Wow! We can’t believe it’s almost time for another exciting Red Hat Summit!

This year, aside from all the super interesting sessions we usually have, please, take a look at our keynote speakers! Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO will be on stage with Jim


This year it will be in Boston, MA  from May 7 until May 9

Red Hat Summit 2019 is at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

415 Summer St
Boston, MA 02210

image of Boston Convention and Exhibition Center


You can find more information here

CloudForms 4.7 announcement

CloudForms 4.7 is ready to be deployed on your systems, you can find more information in the Press Release and you can download the packages from the official Red Hat site

It provides the following key enhancements:

  • Improved Ansible Tower Integration: support for Workflows as a Catalog Item, support for Organization Structure.
  • Updates for managing OpenStack platforms: Storage refresh improvement, OverCloud Dashboard, Private Key Download.
  • Additional management capabilities for Red Hat Virtualization: Refresh performance improvements, Dynamic Sysprep support.
  • User Experience Enhancement: Multi-appliance configuration sharing, global region reporting tenants with the same name.
  • Lenovo Xclarity update: Inventory of racks, blades, chassis and switches, topology updates better handling of status, out-of-the-box dashboard.
  • New Provider: Redfish compliant standard hardware can be discovered and inventoried. Detailed views and relationships. Power operations and topology views. Tech preview
  • New provider for Nuage, which gives the ability to manage its networking services from CloudForms


CloudForms 4.7 Beta

The CloudForms team is proud to announce the release of CloudForms 4.7 Beta1. Based on the ManageIQ Hammer release, this release contains several enhancements and bug fixes and is the result of about many months of upstream development.

Some of the notable enhancements include:

  • Ansible improvements, including integration with external Ansible Tower workflows.
  • Enhancements in OpenStack: new Dashboard and the ability to discover OpenStack Director Providers
  • New provider for Nuage, which gives the ability to manage its services from CloudForms
  • New provider for Red Fish (Tech Preview) that allows managing physical services in a similar way as we manage virtual machines
  • Improvements in the Lenovo providers, like rack topology or Ansible playbook execution against physical resources

For more details and a list of all other improvements see the release notes.

We’d like to encourage all of our customers to download the beta from and to try it out. Any issues can be reported by opening a case with Red Hat support.

Infrastructure Tour Italy Part 3



Red Hat held an event on the infrastructure part of our portfolio in Milan and Rome on April 17th and 19th, 2018. Part of the demos presented was focused on the Automation topic managed with Red Hat Ansible and Red Hat Ansible Tower:


The event information and agenda is available at:


This is the third part of the series of articles written by my colleague Rinaldo Bergamini you can find them here and here.

In this part, I would like to show you how you can Automate “everything” with Red Hat Ansible and Ansible Tower.

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Playing with REST API


In this article, I will describe how REST API works natively in Red Hat CloudForms.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. REST is a web standard based architecture and uses HTTP protocol for data communication. It revolves around resources where every component is a resource and is accessed by a common interface using HTTP standards method.  

Red Hat CloudForms provides APIs to integrate external systems and initiate provisioning via CloudForms. In CloudForms, REST can be accessed by adding “/api” prefix to the URL.  


https://<IP or hostname of appliance> /api/

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